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Live Selling Simplified with your very own virtual assistant

Discover features that simplify your business processes and stand out in live commerce with OtterLive.

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Hassle-free and free-to-use

Fun live streaming starts with OtterLive by linking your Facebook account with just one click. Addvalue to your business without extra cost. Find out more here.

Orders from online viewers

Never miss an order again

OtterLive captures customer orders in real-time through comments. You'll be able to keep track of all your transactions with near-zero effort.

Inventory management

Manage inventory with ease

As you start live streaming on Facebook, inventory, order, and shipping lists are updated in real-time. Customise the quantity of each item intended for sale before your livestream.

Proof of payment

Ease your mind with verified payments

With OtterLive, your customers get to purchase items on your live streaming platform and share proof of payment effortlessly, allowing you to focus on delivering exceptional content.

Payment options

Preferred payment options

Customers get to choose from a variety of payment options - PayNow, bank transfer and credit card via Stripe. You can also state your preferred payment method(s).

Live seller dashboard

Be ahead of the game

OtterLive provides you with an overview of your business and product performance so you can plan ahead and make better business decisions.

Upcoming features

As Singapore’s leading live streaming services tool, we're constantly looking for ways to improve and help take your business to new heights.

Live selling platforms like facebook, tiktok and instagram

Use data to stay on top of your business

Launched in September 2022

OtterLive provides you with an overview of your business and product performance, showing you metrics of your best selling products across all your livestreams.

Track from order to delivery

Track from order to delivery

To launch in December 2022

OtterLive is more than just a live video commerce tool. We go the extra mile throughout the order cycle. From the first order till parcel delivery, you'll be able to keep track of where your parcel is, when it leaves your inventory up till when it arrives at its final destination.

OtterLive Loyalty Programme

OtterLive loyalty programme

To launch in February 2023

Make your experience with OtterLive even more rewarding with our loyalty programme. Accumulate points and earn unique rewards each time you use OtterLive for your livestreams.